One Day Contract

A weekly look at your favorite team through the lens of not only host Nikki Wolfe, but panelists Josh Klein and Colin Hoggard as they welcome a new media member to sign a ‘One Day Contract’ to not only discuss your favorite team, but maybe make you laugh along the way.


Josh Klein

Managing Editor of The Riot Report, His favorite Panther of all time is Chad Cota and he once AIM chatted with Kevin Greene. Follow Josh on Twitter @joshkleinrules.

Colin Hoggard

A twenty-year veteran of sports radio, Colin has broadcast football and basketball from high school to the pros. He remembers the birth of Panthermonium and once tried to post up Sam Mills on the basketball court. Colin now focuses on lounging on his deck and playing husband/dad. Follow Colin on Twitter @ColinCLT.

Nikki Wolfe

Nikki Wolfe is the Host of One Day Contract. Her favorite Panther of all time is Mike Rucker and will take every chance to remind you that he’s also a Husker. When she’s not making fun of @joshkleinrules, you can find her drinking pumpkin beer, doing yoga or writing about herself in the third person. Follow Nikki on Twitter @Nikki704.

Recent Episodes

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