The Great British Drafting Show

A special offseason mini-series going position by position through the draft board of Vincent Richardson, draft analyst for The Riot Report, talking in-depth who they like and who they don’t — plus some overall draft strategy and what to look for at each position. They help you get smarter every episode.


Vincent Richardson

Astrochemist, bartender and jazz drummer; Vincent also watches a lot of football. Areas of interest include play design, player evaluation and data-driven analytics. Follow Vincent on Twitter @vrichardson444

Dan Kreso

Dan is from London and enjoys watching Chelsea, drinking pale ales and data driven analysis – not necessarily in that order. Follow Dan on Twitter @dankreso

Recent Episodes

The Great British Drafting Show: Edge Rusher

Vincent & Dan have some thoughts on how the depth of this edge rusher class might affect the Panthers’ draft strategy - would it make more sense to go offensive...

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