Offseason Look

The 2019 NFL Draft is in the books! The Panthers have a new group of rookies for us to get to know. Zack from the Roaring Riot joins us to talk about 5 years of the Roaring Riot and the upcoming road-trip to London. We also got to chat with former Panthers wide receiver and assistant coach Ricky Proehl! 

CB Kevon Seymour

Panthers cornerback Kevon Seymour joins the show to talk about his upbringing in the “Snake Pits” of Pasadena, growing up without a father and how he’s aiming for a better life for his daughters, why you can’t wear #45 as a DB and why he’s moving back to 23 – plus how playing cornerback is a metaphor for living life.


April 29, 2019

Josh Sims of Fox 46 joins the show to recap the 2019 Draft Class, make some bets on whether Jordan Scarlett or Terry Godwin will be more successful and recap the entire draft and what the Panthers still have left to do before the season starts. Plus, how long is too long for spoilers, who and who is not the big dog, and much more! Safety first!


May 9, 2019

Who knew all that hockey talk this year would lead to this? Back this week where Denn and the good guys (DC/Bruins) are again fighting the good fight vs Chris, Bobby and the jerks (Marvel/Canes). Before that though, they touch upon the Panthers Hall of Honor class, Safety news, a Panthers All-22 team, some hot news around the web and Bobby explains his takes on Will Grier.



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