Goodbye For Now

Luke Kuechly announced his retirement (and Keith announced his semi-retirement), Matt Rhule is assembling his new coaching staff with a lot of fellow Baylor coaches. Oh, and rumors swarm about a trade involving Cam.  This is the last podcast for the “2019 season” — we will return for the 2020 Draft. All that, plus a Super Bowl preview!

Nose To Nose

Kevin Donnalley and Al Wallace talk about what it means to get better in the offseason, how the Panthers can change the culture in their locker room and be playing for the love of the game, trying to get some wins instead of just going for likes and thumbsups on the field. 

Bill Voth

Panthers Bill joins the #OneDayContract crew to talk about if there’s any chance that the new coaching staff is a roaring success, if there’s any chance that Cam Newton takes the first snap of 2020, fresh eggs, why Curb is unmissable, if David Tepper is a patient man and whether or not this thing will work at all!

New Rhules

Denn and Bobby return this week to discuss the Panthers hiring of Baylor coach Matt Rhule, what it means for the immediate future, what’s exciting and scary about the move and also of course, what it means for Cam Newton. Plus, Denn’s disastrous fantasy championship that Bobby definitely rigged somehow, Wild Card Weekend and bold predictions!

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