November 19, 2019

 The Panthers struggled in their first of two back-to-back division games, Atlanta wins 29-3 with 4 interceptions from Kyle Allen. Next, 8-2 New Orleans hosts 5-5 Carolina in the Big Easy where the Cats are 13-12 all time; they’re  a combined 3-11 against both division rivals since Super Bowl 50; it’s past time to start turning that around. 

Got My Mad On

With Kelli Bartik attending to other duties, Al and Kevin aren’t happy with the Panthers performance against the Atlanta Falcons and they’re ready to spread the blame around…..Kyle Allen’s Happy Feet, the offensive line getting consistently bullrushed and how practices turn into a dance class – which is why the Panthers have been so susceptible to it, and where players find their motivation.

November 20, 2019

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports joins the show to discuss everything that happened over at BoA on Monday afternoon. Josh reveals what was said around the roundtable and they talk about the business side of the Panthers, why every running quarterback has an expiration date, Cam Newton playing elsewhere, run down some other options for the QB and why Kyle Allen is who we thought he was.

November 1, 2019

Former NFL DB Eric Crocker joins Denn and Bobby this week to square up with Bobby on his comments about the “overrated” 49ers Sunday. They also touch upon Richard Sherman’s predictability comments, what the Kyle Allen situation looks like on the outside, Baker Mayfield’s reporter episode and the Panthers unsettling injury list going into Sunday’s matchup with the Titans.

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