If 2017 was anything for the Carolina Panthers, it was eventful. A season that started with Cam Newton barely throwing throughout the entire preseason and ended with a painful loss in New Orleans certainly had highlights; a 60-yard touchdown run by Jonathan Stewart to open a home tilt against the Vikings or a game-winning field goal from Graham Gano to beat the Patriots in New England were genuinely thrilling. But the lowlights, from a spectacularly frustrating 17-3 loss in Chicago to a no-show performance in Atlanta that cost the Panthers the NFC South championship and a home playoff game, were just as upsetting. While you may not want to relive every moment of the season (certainly nothing that featured Drew Brees or Cam Jordan), enjoy some of our favorite photos from the 2017 season taken by official The Riot Report photographer Jesse Fraetis.

Here’s to more great shots in 2018!


Jesse F
Official and Legendary Photographer for the Riot Report.
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