In the six weeks between mandatory mini-camp and the start of training camp, there’s not a lot going on in NFL news circles – usually the coverage is dominated by unnecessary lists, introspective personal pieces and positional previews that will undoubtedly be rendered moot within a week of training camp beginning – in the past, it has been a time for players to take some time to themselves, but in 2018, social media has made it so that fans, media and anyone with a smartphone can keep up with their favorite players. All it takes is a quick search across the Instagram Live bar to see that Mario Addison is enjoying some time in Turks & Caicos, Fred Ross has run his first route since leg surgery, Donte Jackson is in Baton Rouge and Alex Armah is working out in Charlotte with former teammates Ed Dickson and Jonathan Stewart.

Usually, social media workouts or vacations aren’t particularly newsworthy, but then again, usually social media workouts don’t involve a fully healthy Cam Newton throwing 50-yard bombs to the best receiver in the NFL.

After posting on Instagram Live that the two were working out in Miami, Cam Newton and Antonio Brown have once again dropped an internet video (this time on Brown’s Twitter feed) to set Panthers’ fans hearts (forgive the pun) atwitter, and while two superstar athletes working out together should neither be surprising or lead to rumors of superteams coming together, fans can’t help but get excited when they see their favorite quarterback throwing passes, cracking jokes and having a great time with one of the greatest players in the game today – but don’t read too much into it. Brown, who had 101 catches for over 1,500 yards last season, is signed with the Steelers through the 2021 season; the wideout was seen last offseason around this time sporting a signed Greg Olsen helmet, so perhaps Brown just enjoys getting a rise out of Panthers fans.

But, yes, articles about social media posts mean we are most definitely in the dog days of the NFL’s offseason. That being said, your phone is probably leaking right now.

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