Cam Newton has always had a larger-than-life personality.

We’ve always known that – and now his fans will get an even closer look as the 29-year old as the quarterback has launched his own YouTube channel that promises to take his fans – and likely his haters as well – inside the life of the divisive former MVP who sat out the final two games of the Panthers 2018 season after battling shoulder soreness for much of the season.

So what better topic to cover in the first video on his channel than a look inside the arthroscopic procedure Newton had last month to look inside his joint and remove debris – the same right shoulder he had a more serious surgery on in 2017.

“At one particular time, I felt that we were a Super Bowl contender,” said Newton in the video titled ‘What’s Wrong With My Shoulder?’ “But as the season kept progressing and going forward, I knew the status of my arm was still uncertain, but we were still winning games. Everything that we wanted to accomplish in the season was right in front of us and then, boom. Everything switched.”

“I was hurting and as a man, as a gladiator, so to speak…you can’t show no sign of weakness, but I was weak. I felt so vulnerable, I felt so scared, I felt so afraid because I knew I wasn’t myself.”

Newton not only took the camera literally into his hospital room where he consulted with Dr. Pat Connor, the team’s head team physician, after surgery, but in the car driving to the surgery.

Newton looks at the scoreboard while sitting out one of the final two games of the 2018 season.

“I just want this shit to stop, the shoulder achiness,” said Newton. “I didn’t know what the fuck was wrong with my shoulder, I just knew it hurt and I knew that it was an issue. I couldn’t throw the ball more than, like, thirty yards – no lie.”

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Connor revealed that the cartilage damage in Newton’s shoulder was not as extensive as they had feared and if the Panthers franchise quarterback can get his range of motion back and keep it, he should “be pretty good.”

“A lot of people are saying they’ve seen the best of Cam Newton,” said Newton. “Seeing the doubt, hearing the whispers of ‘he don’t got it no more,’ [that’s what] fuels me. That’s what makes this comeback even more extraordinary; I feel like this is going to make me even more dangerous.”

“I’m not here to knock on doors, I’m here to kick the motherfuckers down.”

Check out the full video below:

Aside from this inside look at an NFL quarterback’s shoulder procedure, access that isn’t granted to many people, let alone millions on YouTube, Newton promises to take you inside his personal life, his philanthropy, his training and much more as the offseason wears on.

“Hopefully, you’ll see a side of Cam that you probably heard about but never could really grasp until now,” Newton said with a smile.

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