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Formerly PanthersMax, now Max Henson, joins the show to talk what the Panthers plans are for free agency, who they think would be a good addition to the culture that Matt Rhule is trying to build, what the players gave up by signing the CBA, whether steak is too heavy for lunch and discuss the weird and wild time that the world is going through.

The #OneDayContract tries to provide some distraction as they talk through the amount of Panthers players that listen to the podcast, answer a Twitter question about whether the team is rebuilding, retooling or WHAT and then play a modified version of Cam to Kawann that only goes to 19 where the tough questions get answered, including:

  • How many wins will the Panthers have in 2020?
  • Why does Colin think they’ll be drafting first overall in 2021?
  • When will Nikki stop wearing sweatpants in the next three weeks?

Oh, and Colin and Josh make a bet that will absolutely get paid off. All that, plus Max talks his favorite memories of being inside the Panthers’ locker room over the past almost-decade including tales from the War Room.

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Josh K
Managing Editor at The Riot Report
Josh Klein is Managing Editor of The Riot Report. His favorite Panther of all time is Chad Cota and he once AIM chatted with Kevin Greene. Follow Josh on Twitter @joshkleinrules.
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