Quick Blitz

A fresh dialogue on the Carolina Panthers and today’s sports and culture with co-hosts Sheena Quick & Vashti Hurt


Sheena Quick

College athlete turned sports mom and avocado addict. She thinks yellow Gatorade and rye chips are an abomination. Oh, and she writes about sports from time to time.

Vashti Hurt

I play for the team I own. Founder & Editor & Chief of Carolina Blitz; Part-time Tomboy, Full-time Woman #KeepBlitzin 

Recent Episodes

Quick Blitz Episode 16: Peep At PJ

Vashti and Sheena discuss what went right vs DET, what to expect vs MIN, and why is Cam Newton still being trashed in Charlotte media?


Quick Blitz Episode 15: Tampa Bay Turnaround?

In the latest episode of Quick Blitz, Sheena and Vashti discuss Brady’s (possible) redemption, the Panthers' growth since their Week Two loss and Carolina's late game woes.

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