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Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley are back this week to talk some in-depth breakdowns of the Panthers 30-27 loss to the Rams and what exactly happened on the offensive line to allow those clean sacks and why Al could tell what was about to happen before it happened.

They’ll talk about why their encouraged about the big guys up front, how they expect Cam to bounce back – even after a little bit of kryptonite – and why they expect the Panthers to win in a big way on Thursday night over the Bucs. And Kevin Donnalley reveals why Bill Romanowski doesn’t want to see him at the airport – and exactly what kind of player he was when he was still in the league.

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Josh Klein
Editor-In-Chief at The Riot Report
Josh Klein is Editor-In-Chief of The Riot Report. His favorite Panther of all time is Chad Cota and he once AIM chatted with Kevin Greene. Follow Josh on Twitter @joshkleinrules.