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Al & Kevin are FIRED up this week talking about how the Panthers’ sacks don’t do anything for them because they don’t have the right personnel up front on the defensive line, how their stats are filled with trash sacks and they try to explain where it went wrong and where it all fell apart – they’ll start with the offensive line and wonder where the old Daryl Williams went, why the defense can’t get the job done and how the Panthers made a non-athlete like Dwayne Haskins look better than he actually is.

They’ll talk about how the playcalling wasn’t  to Kevin’s liking as the team lacked misdirection, how if you let a team hang around long enough, they’ll believe they can get it done and why when the Panthers aren’t playing complementary football, they can’t trust their teammates.

The Panthers are lacking a spark and how their former teammates provided it for them in their experiences, Al & Kevin will talk about what it’s like to be in a locker room during a lost season when fans are piling out of the stadium mid-game, how empty stadiums hurt the players and how the new scheme has hurt Luke Kuechly and the rest of the Panthers defense.

Not to mention shower pills, holding on the goalline and much more, including a preview of the Falcons game featuring slaps in the tunnel guaranteed to fire you up – if you haven’t listened to an episode of The Carolina Line, this is a great place to start – be sure to rate, review and subscribe if you’re enjoying the show!

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