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Vincent and Dan are back this week with a DOOZY – first they talk about why the Panthers aren’t equipped to move to a 3-4 defense as their roster stands right now, why you shouldn’t be as worried about the defensive line as you probably are, and what exactly the role of a nose tackle can play in a successful defense – even if they’re not racking up the sack totals.

Then they’ll dive into Vincent’s Big Board – Daylon Mack vs. Greg Gaines, how Jerry Tillery will be haunting Stanford’s dreams going forward, Ed Oliver, Rashaan Gary and who earned the first two FIRST ROUND grades of Vincent’s draft board? You’ll have to listen (or just check out his big boards on The Riot Report) to find out.

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Vincent Richardson
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Astrochemist, bartender and jazz drummer; I also watch a lot of football. Areas of interest include play design, player evaluation and data-driven analytics. Twitter: @vrichardson444
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