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With the 2019 Draft upcoming, we’re adding another show to our stable of the best Panthers podcasts on the internet, The Great British Drafting Show, hosted by Dan Kreso and Vincent Richardson. Over the course of the coming weeks ahead of the NFL Draft in April, Vincent and Dan will use this podcast as an additional resource when looking at Vincent’s analysis and who he likes, doesn’t like and absolutely hates. They’ll also be looking at who the Panthers should, shouldn’t and WILL draft come April.

For the first time in a long time, the Panthers actually may have a need at linebacker instead of just plugging in a fifth-round pick to play special teams. With TD leaving and David Mayo a free agent, the fourth LB spot is up for grabs, Vincent and Dan discuss what the linebacking corps looks like, the top five players at both the inside and outside linebacker slots – and what exactly to look for in a linebacker.

Plus, the limitations of scouting positions like linebacker purely on speculation from the tape – a drafting discussion you’ll want to hear.

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