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Vincent & Dan are back to discuss Dan’s favorite position to scout – mostly because a good running back in college is more than likely going to be a good running back in the NFL. Unlike other positions, the running back skillset usually translates to the next level – of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

They’ll talk about what exactly the Panthers are looking for in their running back to back up McCaffrey – can you believe Ron Rivera when he says that they want a CMC 2.0 or are they looking for some thunder to go with his lightning?

Then Vincent will talk about why he thinks Damien Harris has the best NFL future in his mind, whether you can trust a big play running back when he jumps to the next level, why there’s such a big drop off after Harris and Josh Jacobs and who the best receiving running back in the class might be.

Plus they’ll discuss the newest free agent signing for the Panthers, Bruce Irvin and run down the rest of Vincent’s running back big board.

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Vincent Richardson
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