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It’s all led up to this!

Vincent and Oli have gone through every position board – there’s still time to go back and listen before Thursday – and now they’ll talk about draft strategy in general, why Vincent is strongly in the TRADE DOWN camp and if they don’t, which player he prefers out of the five names that are consistently mentioned for the Panthers and the seventh pick in the draft. Will it be Jeff Okudah, CJ Henderson, Derrick Brown, Javon Kinlaw or Isaiah Simmons? What does each have to offer the Panthers and who would be the best fit?

They’ll also discuss what positions the Panthers might consider on day two, which prospects  would be a particularly good fit, how the virtual draft might affect who actually gets picked and how the Panthers should approach the final day of the draft in terms of BPA vs Need.

While Vincent will return next week with a SPECIAL GUEST co-host (!) to talk through the newest Panthers, Oli says goodbye – we hope you’ve learned as much about the 2020 Draft Class as possible and he’s helped you prepare for Draft Weekend 2020.

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