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In a blast from the past, Dan Kreso joins the show to talk through the 2020 Defensive Draft Class for the 2020 Panthers with Vincent Richardson!

They’ll go selection by selection and talk through how they think each player, from Derrick Brown to Stan Thomas-Oliver fits into the Panthers defense, what kind of fun wrinkles Phil Snow might have planned in the secondary – will he run the weird three safety set he ran at Baylor? – and whether any of the UDFAs have a chance to make the Panthers roster in 2020.

Plus, Dan is higher on Troy Pride and Vincent realizes that Phil Snow and Matt Rhule value other things in cornerbacks than he does, but they’re all very high on Jeremy Chinn and how this defense might look in 2020 — if it won’t be effective, it’ll certainly be interesting.

With the draft in the rearview mirror, we hope that you enjoyed this offseason’s series The Great British Drafting Show and that you’ll tell your friends to join us in 2021 so that we can spread the word about every Panthers prospect as the Matt Rhule Era continues in Carolina and the team continues to get better – we hope to see you next year and CHEERS!

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Vincent Richardson
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