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While the Panthers might not be in the market for a high-end running back — at least, not yet — Vincent and Oli work their way down Vincent’s draft board at the running back slot — what are the traits you should be looking for when evaluating a college running back prospect? Just because strength is what you notice, it’s actually contact balance that separates the top-tier running backs from the others. 

Will the Panthers extend Christian McCaffrey? Vincent talks a little bit about why they should — but now might not be the right time for it. While running back contracts in the past haven’t worked out, McCaffrey might be different because of the way he’s used even though the days of blockbuster running back deals might be going the way of the dodo. But they’ll talk through exactly how they view running backs – and McCaffrey in particular – going into the future.

But what would a draft podcast be without talking about draft prospects? They’ll talk about why he holds D’Andre Swift and Jonathan Taylor in such high regard, what Benny LeMay can bring to an NFL team and whether or not the Panthers will spend ANY draft capital on the running back position — and if they don’t, can they still find some values in UDFAs.

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