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With only two weeks left until the NFL Draft, Vincent and Oli have covered just about the entire draft class, except for yet another defensive position where the Panthers need to add depth, somewhere they added two disruptors on the line in last year’s draft – but will they add another EDGE rusher in the 2020 Draft?

First they’ll examine the differences between a 3-4 DE and an edge rusher and why some guys on the Panthers roster are already more suited to be edge rushers in the 4-3 — they’ll talk about why Vincent thinks Chase Young is in line to be an NFL Superstar and why he thinks Zack Baun and Curtis Weaver might be worthwhile draft picks.

Then Vincent and Oli will run down the boards, from speed developmental rushers to power developmentals to guys that are pro-ready but limited, as well as whether the Panthers will use some draft capital on the edge position and whether you can win in today’s NFL without a dominant edge rusher.

As always, The Great British Drafting Show is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina – be sure to take the next two weeks and catch up so you’re 100% prepared for the draft at the end of this month!

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