This season, we’re beginning a new series in which Panthers fans will get a chance to talk about their reasons for being a Panthers fan or a member of the Roaring Riot family – up first, Renee McFadden talks about something super cool that she and 99 other Roaring Riot members got to experience this week.

Being a Roaring Riot member is awesome by itself… we are helping to change the culture around the world and taking back BOA Stadium at home. The friendships I’ve made have been wonderful, the away game experiences are completely planned out for us and AMAZING and let me tell you, being at a game in ‘enemy territory’ with more than 100 Panthers fans walking to the stadium shouting “Panther Nation” and “Keep Pounding” was an experience for sure!

Then comes being a Riot Supporter talk about kicking it up a notch! We have this special group chat where we talk about players, annoy Zack and Josh – Jamie and Lauren too – with tons and tonsss of questions – and really just get to know each other on a more personal level. That may seem small, but the chat alone has made the off-season way more bearable!

One of the best parts is that we have numerous events and opportunities to interact with the Panthers that are extended to Supporters only!

Just this year, we had a team bowling with Steve Smith for his foundation at Strike Out Domestic Violence, draft parties all over North and South Carolina including our own spot at the Bank of America Stadium draft party and Kickin’ it with Cam – where we have our own team! – is coming up this week!

Most recently, there was an opportunity to go to the stadium to be in a special video that the Panthers are doing and of course, the Panthers reached out to Zack and the Roaring Riot to make it happen – this was something we would never have even heard about if not for the Supporters!!!

It was only available to about 100 people. ONE.HUNDRED.PEOPLE. Now THAT’S exclusive. My family and I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that, so we made the almost six-hour round trip to Charlotte to hang out with our RR fam – we all got to hang out with Mario Addison and James Bradberry as well! Selfies and autographs for days!

The Panthers topped off the evening with pizza, drinks, and passing out boxes of sweet t-shirts for us to enjoy! It was absolutely amazing and my children are still talking about it!

We will FOREVER be Riot Supporters.

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If you don’t want to read all that☝… The moral of this story is: if you are a loyal fan of the Carolina Panthers, you are missing out on more than you can imagine if you aren’t a Roaring Riot member!

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Renee M
I am a Project Manager with Comfort First Heating and Cooling. Happily married to the man who made me a Panther fan (I was born a Pat's fan - sorry) over 10 years ago, and we have 4 kids, all of which are Panthers fans as well. We are obsessed with all things Panthers, and love all of the players!