The Added Extras

While what has been covered thus far makes up the majority of what a receiver is expected to do – there are ways in which a receiver can add to their value with things such as aerial ability, run-after-catch or blocking. Despite his size and frame, Louisville didn’t actually throw many fades or similar routes and so it is hard to say how Smith will fare in the air, though given his size there should be hope.

He did, however, show an ability to add value after the catch, and while he does show a nice step:


A lot of this value is just an extension of his speed and power:


He also shows good power and technique as a blocker:


Though he could do with widening his base in order to limit whiffs against more savvy NFL defensive backs.

A lot of Smith’s appeal does lie in what he might become rather than what he is right now, and while that should come with an appropriate level of caution, as the draft moves into the third day – should he still be available – that risk involved will decrease, making that potential harder and harder to pass on. Seeing as the Panthers are unlikely to look to target wide receiver until this point anyway, he could be somebody the Panthers take a real look at as the draft draws nearer.


Grade: High Fourth Round

Best-Case NFL Comparison: Allen Robinson

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