November 5, 2019

After the crushing defeat in San Francisco the Panthers defended their home turf against the Titans – sadly though, Cam Newton will spend the rest of the season on injured reserve. We have awards, some shame and how to win against the Packers in what may be snowy GB. This podcast also features… YOU!

Escort Him Into The End Zone

Kevin, Al, & Kelli are back this week to talk about a big bounceback win for the Panthers, how Christian McCaffrey is on his way to being MVP, how Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore are leveling up and how the defense – including the Flavor Flav of the NFL – doesn’t care about yardage, only about points.

November 6, 2019

The Athletic’s Joe Person joins Nikki, Colin & Josh to talk about Cam Newton, what his move to injured reserve means moving forward, how it seems inevitable that we’ve seen Cam’s last snap in a Panthers uniform, where the Panthers go from here and much more, including whether this is Christian McCaffrey’s team now, when they’ll have a Popeye’s chicken sandwich and much more.

November 1, 2019

Former NFL DB Eric Crocker joins Denn and Bobby this week to square up with Bobby on his comments about the “overrated” 49ers Sunday. They also touch upon Richard Sherman’s predictability comments, what the Kyle Allen situation looks like on the outside, Baker Mayfield’s reporter episode and the Panthers unsettling injury list going into Sunday’s matchup with the Titans.

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Panthers/Packers Snap Counts

Panthers/Packers Snap Counts

Brian Burns only plays 11 snaps and some little used secondary players get in the game due to injury – who played and who didn’t in Green Bay!

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